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Greg Hudson   Tigris Developer Spotlight

Greg Hudson is a staff developer at MIT with a strong interest in free
software and open standards. He has authored several packages
including the mud server Coldmud and the asynchronous DNS resolver
library ares, and has contributed to projects such as NetBSD and the
MIT Athena computing environment. His primary interests at the moment
are instant messaging, version control, and cryptographic security.

Greg is currently contributing to Subversion, tigris.org's version
control system project.


Contributors to the tigris community are invited to submit short biographical sketches. Once a week, a new bio will be placed in the "Developer Spotlight" box on the tigris.org home page. Submitting a bio is as easy as sending an message to: spotlight@tigris.org

Bios should be brief and well written:

  • One to three paragraphs in length.
  • Focus on experience in open source projects.
  • Avoid unneeded corporate references.
  • Have a little fun.
  • Optionally, enclose a photo.

As soon as your message has been reviewed by the moderators, it will be sent to subscribers and appear in the spotlight archive.

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