Unmoderated discussions

Unmoderated discussions are discussions where message postings do not undergo any screening before they are posted. You can post and reply to messages to unmoderated discussions without any restrictions.

Unmoderated discussions

Posting a message in an unmoderated discussion:

If you post a message to an unmoderated discussion, then a copy of the message will be immediately emailed to the other subscribers of the discussion irrespective of whether you posted the message by logging into the project and the Discussions tool or by mailing it from your email account outside the project.

Although posting a message to an unmoderated discussion is not subject to any moderation or control, there are certain considerations that will affect the message posting:

Once you have sent a message to an unmoderated discussion, the message is distributed to all the intended recipients

Replying to a message in an unmoderated discussion:

If you have selected the option Author, the reply is sent as an immediate email to the author of the original message. If you have included any other recipients on the web page, then copies of the reply will be immediately sent to them too. If you select Topic, the reply is archived and all the subscribers of the discussion receive notification email.

Guest posts or replies to a message on an unmoderated discussion: