Building Subversion URLs

Generally the URL to a project carries the project name and the domain name. For example: http://[projectname].[domainname]

In Subversion, you can check out a directory using either of the following commands:

svn checkout https://[projectname].[domainname]/svn/[projectname]/trunk [projectname] --username username


svn checkout https://[someotherprojectname].[domainname]/svn/docteam/trunk [projectname] --username username

In this case, the project name figures twice in the first command and once in the second. However, they perform the same function -checkout. In both cases, Subversion takes the name of the project from the latter part of the command and ignores its presence in the first part, before the domain name.

Consider these two URLs:


The first URL has the same project name in both sections of the URL. The second one is a contradiction because two different project names appear in each portion of the URL. However, the version control system disregards the project name when it occurs first in the URL and takes you to PROJECT-A in both cases. This is not a security issue, because if you do not have the right permissions you cannot access the files.

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