Subversion clients

Subversion is a client-server system. You must have a Subversion client on your local machine to access the Subversion server for projects hosted on this site.

The Subversion repository is maintained on the project web server. Subversion clients run on users' machines and connect to the Subversion server using the Internet.

Subversion clients are available for nearly all platforms. You can choose from among the following options:

This is the standard command-line client for Subversion. It is free, runs on any platform, and comes packaged with the standard Subversion download.
TortoiseSVN is a free client for Windows users who prefer graphical interfaces. It works as an extension of the standard Windows Explorer interface.
CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition
This is a rich client that integrates Subversion with the Eclipse integrated development environment. It includes Subclipse, the free multi-platform Subversion client, which adds all the features of Subversion into Eclipse so that you do not have to download Subversion separately.
Other Subversion clients
To select the right client for your needs, see the list at the Subversion project site.

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