Subversion basics

Subversion is a full-featured source control technology and an integral part of CollabNet. Before you being working on a project, take some time to learn the basic operations that Subversion provides.

Exploring source code
Before beginning work in a project, you should take time to learn how the project files are organized. Each project's web content files are located in the myproject/trunk/www directory by default. Other project source modules are created and organized by the project owner or project members with version control write permissions.
Checking out source code
To get access to the Subversion repository, a Subversion client must present a username, a location and a password.
Subversion clients
Subversion is a client-server system. You must have a Subversion client on your local machine to access the Subversion server for projects hosted on this site.
Subversion best practices
This is a quick set of guidelines for making the best use of Subversion in your day-to-day software development work.

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