Running a report to create a burn down chart

You can run a trend report to create a burn down chart.This helps you do a burn down analysis of the remaining effort required to complete a project or set of tasks.

  1. Click the link Define Report under Project Metrics in a project that uses Project Tracker as the tracking tool.
  2. On the first report definition page, enter the required information as follows:
    • Title = Iteration X Burndown
    • Report Type = Trend Report
    • Project Tool = Project Tracker
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select the artifact type you would like to report on. Ensure that this artifact type has an integer attribute and the artifacts created with it have values.
  5. From the filter list of State attributes, select the states Accepted or Started to include those artifacts that are yet to be completed and require to be tracked for a burn down analysis.
  6. Select the Target Iteration from the Attribute Filter list and click Update to list the available Target Iterations.
  7. Select an iteration X to report on.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select Last 14 days - by day to provide the timeline on the X-axis.
  10. Select the option Sum of Remaining Effort.
  11. Click View report.

A trend report is created that has on its X-axis the previous 14 days by day and on its Y-axis the sum of the values found in the Remaining Effort fields of the artifacts that have a value of Iteration X in their Target Iteration field and are in a state of either "Accepted" or "Started." You can now store this report by clicking Store this report to save the new burn down chart.