About discussions

Discussions are the center for communicating and exchanging information within a project. Several types of discussions are available.

You can participate in the following types of discussions:

Unmoderated discussions
Messages do not undergo any screening before they are posted. You can post and reply to messages to unmoderated discussions without any restrictions.
Moderated discussions
Messages are screened by a set of moderator before they can be posted to the discussion.
Moderated trusted discussions
An exclusive group of select users has access to the discussion.
  • If you are part of this trusted discussion, then it works like any other unmoderated discussion.
  • If you are not part of this trusted discussion, it works like a moderated discussion.

To become a member of a trusted discussion, you must be designated as trusted by the project owner.

Private discussions
Only members with access to private discussions can join. To get this access, contact your project owner.

Note: You have to have the Discussions - Discussion Use Private permission to access private discussions. If you have this permissions then you will have access to all the private discussions in the project.