Receiving messages

You can choose the way you want to receive discussion messages to fit your working patterns.

To configure the way you receive messages, follow these steps:

  1. On the Project Home page, click Discussions in the left navigation menu.
  2. On the Discussions:Discussions page, click the discussion you wish to receive messages from.

    Note: You must have the Discussions - Discussion View permission to receive messages.

  3. Click My Subscription Settings and choose from one of the three notification modes. You can choose one of these ways to receive messages:
    Message-by-message notification
    Receive an email at your registered email address each time anyone posts a message to the discussion.
    Digest-format notification
    Receive an email message every day that contains all message postings since the previous day as attachments.
    My start page only
    Don't receive an email notification. You can only read messages on the web.

Note: User groups and other discussions can be subscribed to a discussion only through the message-by-message or digest-only subscription modes. When a user group and or another discussion has been subscribed to a discussion, the members of the group or discussion will receive email notification regardless of the permission they hold.

Note: The most recently received messages (from the past 48 hours, by default) are displayed on your My Start page flagged "Recent" against the discussion.