Posting a message

You can post messages to a discussion either by starting a new thread or replying to a previously posted message.

To post a message to the discussion, folow these steps:

  1. On the Project Home page, click Discussions in the left navigation menu.
  2. On the Discussions: Discussions page, click the discussion to which you would like to post the message.

    Note: You must have Discussions - Message Post permission for the discussion. You get this permission by subscribing to the discussion. If you don't have this permission, contact your project manager.

  3. On the Discussions: Topic Index page, click Post Message.
  4. Write your message title and your message, and click Post Message. The system ensures that the message is encoded in the UTF-8 character set and converts to that encoding if necessary when you post in languages other than English.

    Note: You can attach files to your message. To see what types of files are allowed, contact your project manager. Certain types of attachments can be configured to be filtered out at the time of creating the discussion. If your attachment belongs to the "Denied Type" then it will be discarded.

Note: If the discussion owner allows it, you can also post messages to a discussion by email. The email address of a discussion is something like this: <discussion name>@<project name>.<domain>. You can turn off this email option for your subscription at any time through the Subscription Settings page.