About project wikis

Project wikis provide a variety of tools for collaborative development.

CollabNet's project wiki tool uses the MoinMoin wiki engine. A large list of features for introducing, augmenting and managing content is available.

The HelpContents link takes you on a tour of the main features:

Note: The HelpContents link is present in the "How to use this site" section of the default wiki landing page provided by CollabNet. If the landing page has been edited by some other user, search for "HelpContents" to locate the page. To get help on a specific feature, you can select the Find Page option in the left navigation panel and search for a keyword. You can also use a URL of the form "<host>/wiki/HelpOn" to search for help pages containing "Help" and "On" in the title. For example, a URL such as "https://wikiproject.domain.yourcompany.net/wiki/HelpOnMacros" brings up the help page on system macros.

Your permissions control what you can do with your project's wiki pages.

Note: You cannot edit "system pages" such as "HelpOn" pages, search pages, and so on.