Issue Tracker Voting

Voting allows you to take an active role in prioritizing issues within your project. Depending on how your project is set up, every user may have a set number of votes per user. If your project allows voting, you still may be restricted from voting based on the setting for your subcomponent.

Users can cast their votes based on their own criteria, but cannot be granted more votes then were originally allowed. The number of votes allotted to each user is determined by the project owner (by default, all users are granted 10 votes). With your vote, you indicate which issues you think are the most important to be fixed.

Using your votes

Your administrator has set up voting rules for users by component. If you are allowed voting privileges in a component, your administrator will have set the following rules for use of the votes:

If, after casting your votes, you later change your mind and would like to vote for a different issue, you can always recast your votes.

How many votes do I have?

The number of votes each user has is determined by the site administrator. You can view your votes, check the number you've been given and adjust votes as necessary by entering Issue Tracking and clicking on the My Votes link on the Issue Tracking navigation bar.

How do I vote for an issue?

To find out if you can vote on an issue and how many votes you have available, open the issue in which you are intersted. If this project allows voting you will find a link Votes directly above the Additional Comments field. Beside this link you will see a number, indicating the quantity of votes you have cast for this issue, and a link to vote for the issue. Clicking on the Vote for this issue link allows you view the number of votes you have, the number of votes you've used and alter the number of votes you have applied to this issue. An email is generated notifying you of any changes that occur on issues for which you have voted.

Assuming you have voting rights to this project, you can click Vote for this issue under the Additional Comments field and enter the number of votes you want to cast in the votes field. After you've entered your desired number of votes, click on the Submit button.

How can I see all votes that have been cast for an issue?

You can query for all issues that have at least one vote in your project by entering "1" in the At least ____ votes field and clicking on the Submit query button. You will receive a report of all issues within your project that have at least one vote cast for them. Using the report, you can see how many votes were cast for each issue and, by clicking on the link to the issue, you can adjust your votes as you see fit.