Define a report based on user attributes

Reporting on user attributes allows you to determine how the workload in your project is distributed.

You can use the Users (by attribute) data type to create reports that indicate how artifacts are assigned or otherwise associated with users.

To define Users (by attribute) reporting criteria:

  1. On either the Row content or Column content tab, select User (by attribute) from the Select content type drop down box.
  2. In the Users table, select the checkbox in the Select column and the desired user attribute in the drop down box in the Association column of the user you wish to include.
  3. Click the Add selected to assignee list button.

To include multiple user attributes for a single user, you must add the user again with the additional attribute selected. For instance, if you wanted to generate a report to indicate which users have ownership and quality assurance responsibility for the artifacts in your project, you would need to select each user twice--first with the Assigned to user attribute, then with the QA contact user attribute.