Set artifact identifiers

Any text attribute within an attribute group can be used as an identifier of an artifact.

However only one attribute can be marked as the identifier for an artifact. The attribute types allowed to be the identifiers of artifacts are short texts, long texts and email addresses. Short text attribute types are most suitable as the identifier, but a long text type may also be used.

To reset the artifact identifier:

  1. Click the links Project Tracker> Manage Artifact Types in your project home page.
  2. Click an artifact type, for example Defect. The Edit Artifact Type page opens.
  3. Click an Attribute Group, for example Duplicate Check Info.
  4. The text field Summary is probably marked with the radio button "Use as identifier" by default. If you would like to change the identifier, you can select another text field in any other group as the identifier and that field with take the place of the Summary field as the identifier.

Note:-If the Summary field or the text field marked as the identifier is deleted from the group then the system will automatically choose another text field as the identifier and mark that as a Required field.

If the text field selected as the identifier has the value "application not working" then this text will appear:

For example: [<projectname>][SC1][Modified] application not working

For example: Project Tracker: Defect ID SC1: application not working