About exporting artifacts using scripted data

You can write scripts to export Project Tracker query and report results for external use

You can write scripts which will run Project Tracker queries or reports, automating execution of saved queries and reports that you wish to run regularly. Below we outline an example of using a shell script to drive the "wget" tool to do just that. To execute saved Project Tracker queries and reports from a script using this example code, "wget" must be installed locally. You will also need a working knowledge of Project Tracker, HTML, HTTP, and shell scripting.

If you do not already have saved queries that you wish to execute through a script, you will need to create them beforehand. Login to the project through the web interface, then create and save the queries and reports that you'd like to be executed by your script. The scope of the saved queries/reports should be "Personal", and configured such that the results are exported to a MS Excel or TSV file from which they can be easily extracted for analysis by external tools (i.e. a spreadsheet).

You will need the URL of the saved query or report to execute from the script. To get the URLs of saved queries, go to the Saved query list page. To get the URLs of saved reports, go to the Saved report list page. Use your browser's "View page source" function to pull up the raw HTML source view of the page. Then, use your browser's built-in text search function to quickly locate the name of your query in the "source" page. The string follows the pattern <a href="[URL]">[query name]</a>. Copy only the [URL] portion of the string to use in your script for execution of that query or report.