Roles and permissions in Project Tracker

What a project member can do in Project Tracker is determined by the project role assigned to the user.

Users see only functions that they have the permission to perform. For example, a developer will not see the Project Tracker > Manage Artifact Types link in the left navigation pane of the Projects tab. Guests will not see a link to enter a new artifact.

The matrix below shows a list of default roles and their associated permissions in Project Tracker and corresponding default project roles. Project owners can create additional roles with other permissions. For a description of the default project roles see the About project roles.



Description Anonymous Guest Registered User/ Observer Developer Project Owner Domain Administrator/ Host Administrator
Project Issue Tracking - Query
  • query the database for artifacts
  • view artifacts in the database
User - Edit - Self
  • edit user profile
  • can be assigned to some user attributes
  X X X X
Project Issue Tracking - Submit
  • add new artifacts to the database
  • add attachments to artifacts
  X X X X
Project Issue Tracking - Change
  • edit artifacts in the database
  • assign artifacts to user attributes
    X X X
Project - Edit
  • manage project level artifact types
  • manage project level attributes
  • edit attribute options at the project level
  • add user attributes to project level artifact types
  • approve user suggestions
  • select Project Tracker as the tracking component for this project (only during the project creation process)
      X X
Domain Administer
  • manage global artifact types
  • manage global attributes
  • manage user attributes