Modifying several artifacts at the same time

You can modify the values of attributes of several artifacts at the same time.

To modify several artifacts at the same time:

  1. Run a query.
  2. Select one or more artifacts, or select all artifacts. (not more than 250 artifacts)
  3. Select Bulk Edit displayed or Bulk Edit selected from the Process Results: drop down menu
  4. All field values that can be modified are displayed. Depending on the type of attribute you want to modify, select
    • Clear value
    • Change to
    • Replace with

      Note: "Replace with" is available for multi-valued attributes. Multi-valued attributes also have the "Add" and "Remove" options.

  5. Make changes to one or more of the regular attributes.
  6. Apply the changes to all of the artifacts

Most of the attribute values can be changed, for example, list-single select, list-multi select, short-description. Long text attributes cannot be changed using this function.

During this mass change, you may have chosen an invalid value for a State attribute. For example, if you had chosen the status "Reopened" for an artifact that was never "Closed", the system will alert you to this wrong choice. However, if 25 failures occur before any artifacts are updated, the bulk update will terminate. You will then have to go back and make valid changes.

During the change of relationships of artifacts en masse, please note that while a parent artifact can have several child artifacts, the reverse is not true. Therefore, child artifacts are not amenable to bulk edit and may only be cleared from the bulk edit screen.