How do I modify artifacts?

Once an artifact has been created it is ready for assignment or manipulation.

You can perform the following functions on artifacts in the database:

Managing artifact information

Almost all attributes of an artifact are editable from the view artifact screen. You can alter most attributes, if you have the proper permission level, view user associations, add URL links, create dependencies, add attachments, and view the artifact history.


You can alter or add dependencies as necessary. As when creating an artifact, you must define the dependency type. Dependencies can be blocking, non-blocking, duplicating or a parent-child relationship. For more information on dependencies see Dependencies.

Viewing artifact history

You can access a history of all changes made to an artifact by clicking the History tab in the artifact screen. The artifact history is provided with the date the change was made, a description of the change in the Action column, any reason for the change provided and the author of the change. As attribute options are added changes are noted as "attribute option was set to X". Every change made to the artifact is recorded under the Old Value and New Value columns to give you a clear picture of the "before" and "after" states of the change.

Adding comments and linking to them

You can enter comments to any artifact.