Enter an artifact

You can open a new artifact and assign users to it.

You can also ensure that several people are sent email notification whenever the artifact is modified.

To enter an artifact

  1. Click Project Tracker > Enter Artifacts in the left navigation pane.
  2. If the artifact has more than a few attributes, enter basic attribute information and click Next.

    If the attributes of the artifact you just entered matches another artifact in the database, the system displays the other artifact and suggests that your new entry maybe a duplicate of an existing artifact.

  3. Despite the suggestion that the artifact might be a duplicate, if you want to continue entering the new artifact, you can enter additional information, such as a long description, fields to check in the data base for duplicate artifact entries, attachments, and so on.
  4. Click Submit artifact.

NOTE:  You can show a description for each attribute to help guide you in creating the artifact. To show attribute descriptions click the Show button in the Attribute descriptions field on the Enter new page. Attribute descriptions will appear below the attribute field in the form.  Click the Hide botton to remove attribute descriptions.

Additional information on entering artifacts

After selecting the Enter new tab, you can select from the available artifact types and enter values for the available attributes. Attributes appear with a drop down box or list of options to select from or a text entry form for you to enter text. You can select one item from a drop down box and multiple items from attributes with lists.

If duplication tracking is active, entering an artifact becomes a three step process.

While you are entering the artifact you can attach a relevant file using the same form. Attaching a file helps you and others to easily share relevant information or patches.

Before submitting your artifact you should review the information you just entered. Once you are done editing your artifact click the Submit artifact button.

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