What is an artifact?

Each artifact type has a unique set of attributes that define the artifact type. These attributes determine if the artifact created using the artifact type is a Defect, Requirement, Enhancement, Employee profile, Inventory item or any other item that requires tracking.

Your site administrators may require you to provide some types of information and may allow you to leave other fields blank. Note that the more information you provide when entering an artifact, the easier you will make it for other people who must work with that artifact. In addition to filling out text entry fields, you can add information on other artifacts and file attachments such as screen shots, email messages, and so on.

You can create assocations between people and an artifact. For example, when entering a Defect, you may want to assign someone to be responsible for fixing the problem, and you may want several other people to be sent email notification whenever the artifact is modified.

Managing artifacts

Project Tracker has a very dynamic artifact management strategy. Committing, tracking and modifying artifacts is a simple process. Project Tracker has the following artifact management features:

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