Edit the state attribute model (project-level)

  1. Click the Projects tab, and click the link for a project that uses Project Tracker.
  2. Click Project Tracker > Manage artifact types in the left navigation pane, and click the link for an artifact that contains a state attribute.
  3. Click the name of the attribute group that contains the state attribute.
  4. Click the link for the state attribute
  5. Click the State transitions tab.
  6. To create a new model, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add New.
    To modify an existing model, select the model from the Select a state model drop-down list.
    If this is the first time you are creating a state model, a default model is created.
    Note: If you select a state model from the drop-down that was defined at the global level, it will be read-only.
  7. In the Attribute state transitions table, review the first row and click the options that you want to make available to users when an artifact is newly created.
    To assign a default initial state to a state attribute, choose exactly one state in the Initial Creation row of the attribute state transitions table. You can assign more than one transition state to a preceding state. For example, for a Defect artifact type, you may always want the initial state to be New. From the New state, if you want the user to be able to choose from the Open and Closed-Will Not Fix states, you would check these checkboxes in the row and de-select the other checkboxes.
  8. Review the subsequent rows in the table and select the options to be available for the other states in the state model.
  9. Click Save changes.