What is duplication checking?

Duplicate checking, when turned on, enables Project Tracker to check the database for artifact instances whose attribute values match the values that a user is currently entering.

Duplicate checking occurs when a user enters a new artifact instance. If Project Tracker finds duplicates it displays a report instead of the next artifact entry page. The user can comment on a duplicate artifact or complete the artifact entry process.

When a domain administrator creates a new artifact type, an entry called Duplicate Check is automatically added to the list of attribute groups associated with the artifact type. When creating an instance of an artifact of this type, users are first presented with a data entry page containing the attribute groups that precede the Duplicate Check entry. Those attribute groups that appear in sequence before the duplicate check step are activated for duplicate checking. Project owners can modify the behavior of duplicate checking to suit the needs of the project.

Some attributes are better than others for duplicate checking. For instance, checking an attribute that tracks the operating system version may be ineffective on its own. It may be more effective if a description of the observed behavior is also checked. The duplication check feature supports up to nine attributes.