Associate a state attribute with a global artifact type

  1. Create a new global state attribute, as described in To create a new state attribute.
  2. Click the Administration tab, click Project tracker > Artifact types in the left navigation pane, and click the link for a global artifact type.
  3. On the Edit Global Artifact Type page, in the Attribute Groups section, click Add new.
    A link named New Attribute Group appears.
  4. Click the link for the new attribute group, provide a name, a description, and click Save.
  5. In the Attributes in this Group section, click Add new.
  6. Click the checkbox for the state attribute that you want to add to this group and click Add, then click Done.
  7. In the Attribute Groups section of the Edit Global Artifact Type page, click Save.
    Note: This change is not automatically propagated to the local (project-level) artifact. To update the artifact at the local level, delete it and re-add it to the project.