Understanding the UNCONFIRMED issue state

The UNCONFIRMED state applies to issues created by users without the permission to create confirmed issues in a project. This only applies to sites and projects in which the administrator has configured Issue Tracker appropriately and in which the voting feature is used. Because issues remaining in an UNCONFIRMED state may not receive attention by busy developers you may wish to change your issues from UNCONFIRMED to the NEW state. Using one of the following methods, an UNCONFIRMED issue can be altered to enter the NEW state.

To prevent duplication of issues in the database it is worthwhile to search for issues similar to your own and vote on them before submitting your own issue.

Permissions and the UNCONFIRMED issue state

If you have the "Project Issue Tracking - Change" permission, you will be able to change UNCONFIRMED issues to the NEW state.

If you do not have the "Project Issue Tracking - Change" permission, you can still ACCEPT or RESOLVE all issues assigned to you. Issue Tracker keeps track of this. If this issue gets REOPENED or reassigned to someone else, it reverts back to the UNCONFIRMED state. If such an issue has been confirmed, then reassigning changes its status to NEW or REOPENED.

If you have the "Project Issue Tracking - Change" and "Issue Tracking - Submit" permissions, issues submitted by you start out in the NEW state rather than the UNCONFIRMED state. You can override this feature, however, when you want to submit an issue as UNCONFIRMED.