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Your project has been configured to use one of the CollabNet's supported version control systems. You can browse the history of your version control repository by using the Version control tool, which is accessed via the Version control link in the left hand Project Tools navigation area within your project.

The link will appear as...

The Version control tool is a browser-based interface for version control repositories. It allows you to examine the files managed by your version control system, and to see how those files have changed over time. Specifically, you can:

Note that you may find that certain aspects of the Version control tool are not accessible to you because you lack the required permissions.

Browse the file hierarchy by selecting directories (designated with slashes after them, e.g. "www/"). When you click on a file, you can view the revision history for that file. Selecting a revision number displays that revision of the file. Each revision includes a link to display differences between that revision and the previous one. A form at the bottom of the file revision history page allows you to display differences between arbitrary revisions.

In many places throughout CollabNet, the full domain name of the URL given carries relevant information such as the project name. But for Version Control (both CVS and Subversion), the presence of the project name is largely ignored by much of the code because the project's name is represented elsewhere in the URL.

For example, you can use either:

And CVS directs you to the file based on the name of the file that follows "co." This is because your access rights to it are based on that instance of PROJECT after the "co," not the one in the ":pserver:..." portion.

A similar example for Subversion: These two URLs lead you to the same place:

This is not a security issue because if you do not have the right permissions you cannot access the files.

See also CVS source code version control and SVN source code version control