Starting a project that uses a project template

If your domain administrator has made one or more project templates available, you can select a template at project creation time. The number of templates that are available depend upon the number of custom templates that have been created for your domain. CollabNet supplies a default template named the CollabNet Baseline Project template.

Comprehensive information on the Start New Project page is provided in the Help topic on Creating a new project.

If you create a sub-project that is based on a project template, the subproject does not inherit any Project Tracker data from the parent. This includes artifact types, attributes, and artifact creation templates. This is true regardless of whether the parent project itself uses a project template.

Note: Projects that are based on a project template do not have the usual global artifact types associated with them. For example, the Defect artifact type, although set to be a default for most projects, is not assigned. Only artifact types listed in the file for that project template are assigned to the project.

To create a project that uses a project template:

  1. Log in as a user with permission to start a new project.
  2. Click the Projects page.
  3. Click the Start a New Project Link.
  4. On the Start a New Project page, enter a name for this project.
  5. Provide a summary in the Summary field.
  6. You can enter a description in the Description field or select Use project index.html.
    If you enter a description and check the Use project index.html checkbox, the index.html file takes precidence. However, if the index.html file is empty, the text in the Description field will be used instead of the html file.
  7. In the Project template section, select a template.
  8. Select Project Tracker as the tracking tool.
  9. Select the Subversion version control tool.
    CVS is not supported for projects that use a project template.
  10. If you want to display the page navigation toolbar on the project home paeg, ensure that the Lifecycle Management Home Page option is selected.
  11. Click Create Project.
    It will take a few minutes for the template content to be loaded into the new project.