About the default project language

About language preferences

Project membership should not be limited by language barriers. Working in a global development environment can enhance the input and speed of project completion. Users on this site can determine what language in which they would like to receive system emails, but you, as the Project owner, should determine the project's default language. Many different native languages can be represented by the members of a domain open to global development. Localization features help facilitate the language barriers that can be found in such an environment. There are several levels of localization available within your domain:

Language preferences are used in a hierarchical structure. If there is no user defined language, the project language is used. If there is no project language, or the message is coming from outside of a project, the domain language is used.

Each component in the project has it's own set of email that is generated and rules by which they are forwarded to specific recipients. When a message is generated by a component, the recipient's language preference is checked first and the message is encoded with that preference. If there is no defined recipient the message is translated into the project's default language. For instance, assuming you have not selected a default language for yourself, when a user suggests a new file or folder you will receive an email message in the project's default language.

Some messages are generated outside of any project. If these messages are addressed to you they will be translated into your preferred language. Or, if you have not selected a preference the message is rendered in the domain's default language.

In some cases, messages are delivered with multiple languages in the content. This is the case when the content of the message is written by a user instead of the system. For instance, if you create a comment in an issue or artifact, the recipient of any generated message will receive your comment in the language in which you wrote it and the rest of the message in their language preference.

Setting the project default language

With the exception of some project level messages, most system email delivered to project members will be sent in their preferred language. Project level messages that are not delivered to a specific email address, such as discussions messages, are encoded in the default project language. If localization is active on the system you can set the project default language during the project creation process. If you need to change the default language at any time you can alter it on the Tool configuration screen.

  1. Access your project's home page
  2. Click the Edit project link on the left navigation to access the Edit project page
  3. Click on the Tool configuration link in the Other operations section
  4. On the Tool configuration page, scroll down till you see Project language.

All languages available on this domain are listed in a drop down box. You can select one from this list or leave the default as it is. Click the Make changes button when you are finished.