Project announcements

Viewing posted announcements

The Project announcements page provides a space for those milestones and articles that relate to a specific hosted project. These announcements are arranged according to date. Depending on the preferences of the Project owner, the items will appear either as links or as text.

If you would like to see the full article of any announcement, simply click on the link. You should be taken immediately to the article. If you are not, it is possible that the source site has discontinued the article. In this case, you should notify the Project owner.

Announcements featured on this page may include previously published articles, white papers, or any other documents that the Project owner has chosen to include here and make available to project members. Depending on how the Project owner has constructed these pages, there might be an archive of older announcements.

Note: A link posted to a published article does not constitute ownership. If you wish to distribute the article on your own, you must negotiate with the copyright owner.

Adding announcements

An announcement can include any content that you want all of the members of your project to see. Announcements can include links to other project pages and announcements. By default, announcements are published immediately after they are approved and are not removed unless the Project owner elects to remove them.

Users with the "Project News - Suggest" permission can request that the project owner add announcements to the project's Announcements page. The project owner or another person with "Project News - Approve" permission must approve the announcement before it becomes visible to all project members. Users with both the "Project News - Approve" and "Project News - Suggest" permissions can add announcements directly, without submitting the announcement for approval prior to posting.

Any user with "Project News - Approve" permission can approve a suggested announcement. Project owners have this permission by default, however site administrators can grant that permission to any role.

You can include HTML in an announcement, as long as it conforms to HTML coding conventions for areas of the application that use an XSS filter.

Note: If your project role does not at minimum include the "Project News - Suggest" permission and you would like to include an announcement, you will need to contact the Project owner. Be sure to include the item's URL and a description when requesting that an item be included.

To suggest or add an announcement:

  1. Click the Projects tab.
  2. Click the link to a project where you want to suggest an announcement.
  3. Click the Suggest an announcement link if your role has "Project News-Suggest" permission.
    Users with "Project News-Suggest" and "Project News - Approve" permissions will see this link as Add an announcement".
    The Add new announcement page is displayed.
  4. Provide the following:
    Date of event: To add a date to your announcement click on the pull-down menus and select a date. The date is required. If you do not select a date, the default is today's date.
    Headline: Enter a title or headline for your announcement. You can use HTML markup tags in this text field.
    Body: Add in the text of the announcement. HTML markup tags can be used in this text field.
    Image URL: If you wish to link to an image, you can include the URL here.
    Original article URL: If you wish to link to an original article, you can include the URL here.
  5. To set a date to publish or remove the announcement, click the Advanced options button.
    The Add new announcement (advanced options) page is displayed.
  6. Click the Add new announcement button.

Editing or deleting an announcement

If you want to edit an announcement, click the Edit link against the announcement in the Announcements or View Announcement page, and click the Submit changes button. Here, you can change the Date of Event, Headline or other fields.

To delete an announcement permanently, click the Delete link against the annoucement in the Announcement or View Announcement page, and click the Submit changes button.

HTML coding conventions for announcements

If you add HTML markup to an announcement, you should be aware of HTML coding conventions for project content.

Announcements can contain links to other project content, for example, another announcement or a document stored in the Documents & Files tool. If users click the link, the content is displayed.

To add a link to other project content in an announcement:

  1. Click the Projects tab.
  2. Click the link to a project where you want to suggest an announcement.
  3. Navigate to a page where you want to provide a link, for example, click Announcements and click the link for an announcement.
  4. Copy the URL for the page.
  5. Click the Suggest an announcement link (if your role has "Project News-Suggest" permission.
    Users with the "Project News - Approve" permission will see this link as Add an announcement".
    The Add new announcement page is displayed.
  6. Create the announcement, and in the message body paste the link to the page that you want to make accessible from the announcement. For example, you could include a link similar to the following:
    <a href="">Sample link to another announcement</a>
    To turn off branding and the left navigation pane in the link, add the "/nonav" string to the link. The following example shows the format of this type of link:
    <a href="">Sample link to another announcement</a>

Sending project announcements to an RSS news reader

You can send announcements to an Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader. This enables you, as a guest user, to access public project announcements even if you are not logged in to CollabNet Enterprise Edition. You may have to first install an RSS reader, but most browsers have built-in support for feeds.

Note: The ability to access project announcements through an RSS reader assumes that the role of Anonymous User has the Project News - View permission. If you are unable to receive announcements in your RSS reader, your domain administrator may have disabled this permission. If the feature is disabled and you try to access the feeds by specifying the URL in the address bar, you will be redirected to an information page.

To receive RSS feeds for project news:

  1. Click the Projects tab.
  2. Click the link for a project.
  3. Click Announcements.
  4. Click the RSS icon to display the announcement feeds for announcements in the selected project.
  5. Click the link "Subscribe to this feed" to get subscribed if you are using Internet Explorer 7.0/Safari 1.2/Firefox 2.02 or above.
  6. Alternately, if you are using earlier versions of the browser, an XML page opens and you can copy the URL � for example, https://[projectname].[domainname]/servlets/WebFeed?artifact=news&version=rss_2.0
  7. Paste the URL into an RSS reader on your desktop.
  8. Subscribe to this RSS feed.

The next time the news reader updates its listings, new project announcements will be displayed on your desktop.

Note: The version used by default is RSS 2.0. You can specify other supported versions (Atom 1.0, RSS 1.0) by using the drop down options from the toolbar under the RSS icons RSSBlue or RSSOrange. In case you specify incorrect or unsupported values the system will return to the default version RSS 2.0.