Joining a project

Project members are permitted to work with the full set of project tools, including reporting issues using the Issue Tracker or Project Tracker tool, participating in project discussions, and working on project source code using version control.

There are different types of project membership. When you join a project, you request a particular project role. For example, a Developer role can access the version control repository and a Project Owner role can create and administer new projects. See the project roles help for more details.

To request membership in a project:

  1. Click the Request project membership/role link on the Project home page.
    Users who are not logged into the domain, do not have permission to join the project or are already members of the project will not see this link. For users who have permission to join the project, the Request project membership/role page is displayed.
  2. To select a project role, click the radio button to the left of the desired role and click the Submit request button.
    Depending on the project configuration, you will receive an email approving or disapproving your request. Upon being approved, you will also receive more information about the project.

To change your role in the project:

  1. Click the Projects tab.
  2. Click the link for the project where you want to change the role.
  3. On the project home page, if your current role in the project is below Project Owner, a Request project role link is displayed.
    Your current role is noted in the top section, and the remaining roles available to you are displayed.
  4. Select a new role and click Submit request.
    Your request is submitted to the project owner for approval.