About the Project home page

The Project home page is the project's focal point and contains information that the project owner wishes to share with members and nonmembers alike. Because project home pages can be customized, these vary greatly, depending on the project owner's preferences. At a minimum, the owner should include content describing the nature and goals of the project. Interested users can use the links to access the project's tools.

On the standard project home page you will see the following:

If you are not already a member of the project, you will see the Request project membership/role and Watch project links. The Request project membership/role allows you to join the project. Once you have joined the project, you will find additional links on the Project home page that you can use to request a new project role. The Watch project link allows you to add a link to the project's home page to your My start page without becoming a member. This gives you quick access to projects that you want to follow but are not ready to join.

Not yet a member of any projects?

If you are not yet a member of any project, use the links below to follow the process of learning about projects and joining.