Exporting a project

You can create an archive file by exporting a project. When the export process completes, you can download the archive and view its contents.

Follow these steps to export a project:

  1. In the left navigation panel of the Administration tab, select the Project templates option.
  2. In the Project templates page, click the Export link.
    The Export project page appears.
  3. In the Project name field, enter the name of an existing project that you want to export.
  4. In the Template title field, enter a title for the project template, within 255 characters. When this template is imported into a target site, the title will be displayed as the template name on the Start new project page.
  5. In the Template ID field, enter a name for the template.
    Note: When you import this template into a CollabNet site, a Subversion directory gets created with this name. This field must therefore be a valid Subversion folder name, and cannot contain control characters or slashes.
  6. In the Description field, enter details about the template.
    Note: This information will be displayed as the description for the template when you start a new project.
  7. In the Version field, enter a value that does not exceed 10 characters, for the template version.
  8. In the Namespace title field, enter a string that does not exceed 255 characters, for the namespace that will be created when you import this template into a CollabNet site.
  9. In the Namespace URI field, enter a valid XML URI value that does not exceed 255 characters.
    Note: The import process will fail if the archive's namespace exists already on the target site.
  10. Click the Export project button.

Note: When a project is exported, its Project Tracker data is validated. An export operation will fail under the following conditions:

Note: You can turn on or turn off the Project tools links and the Project pages links from your project. The options you choose at the time of creating the project will remain in your template. For example, if you choose to suppress Project Tool links from showing in your project by configuring the tool, then the menu will remain suppressed in the template too. If you export your project, and later reimport the project template archive, the corresponding template.properties file will retain this as the default value. However, you can change these options by editing the template.properties file in the templates folder of the Subversion repository of the project-templates project. For example, http://project-templates.[domainname]/source/browse/project-templates/trunk/www/templates/www/template.properties. You can set the attributes enableProjectPagesLinks and enableProjectTools links to "Y" or "N".