Project template archives

A project template archive file contains information about a project’s process and content. You can install it as a global project template in a CollabNet site and use it when starting new projects.

The archive information includes the project’s Project Tracker metadata and web content in the Subversion repository. For a project that uses the Application Lifecycle Manager (ALM), the archive created by exporting it contains complete information related to the ALM template.

Your site's Host Administrator can create a project template archive based on a customized project or a particular project's process. You can then install it on multiple CollabNet sites, or alternatively, on the same site as a general-use template.

The prerequisites for archiving a project are as follows:

Creating an archive

The Host Administrator creates an archive by exporting a project. When the export process completes, a downloadable archive file is created with the following information:

Installing an archive

When you import a project template archive into a CollabNet site, it gets installed as a global project template in the project-templates project’s Subversion repository.

The namespace and Subversion directory name for the new template take the namespace title and template ID values that were specified during export. The Project Tracker objects in the imported template are associated with this namespace. If the exported project template had global attribute types or global queries, you would be able to see them in the new namespace after the import.

You can preview the template and use it when starting a new project. Any project that you create based on the template will inherit its namespace.