What Subversion operations can I report on?

You can run reports on common operations and activities that users carry out against a Subversion repository.

For reporting purposes, Subversion transactions are grouped as follows:

The first two groups of transactions are of most interest in reports. Passive transactions are used mostly by automated tools and not very informative in reporting charts. So they are not included in reports.

You can configure new Subversion reports only on the first two groups of transactions. They include these types of activity:

You can also configure a report for All Subversion activities, which displays the count of transactions for both of the above groups.

Subversion operations that you can report on:

svn commit
Sends changes from your working copy to the repository
svn propset
Sets the names of attribute properties (PROPNAME) and their values (PROPVAL) on files, directories, or revisions
svn propedit
Edits the property of one or more items under version control
svn checkout
Checks out a working copy from a repository
svn update
Brings changes from the repository into your working copy
svn export
Exports a clean directory tree from a repository URL or working copy path to a specified path
svn switch
Updates the working copy to mirror a new, different URL
svn diff
Displays the differences between two paths
svn merge
Applies the differences between two sources to a working copy path.
svnsync sync
Transfer all pending revisions from source to destination.

Subversion operations that you cannot report on:

svn status
Prints the status of working copy files and directories.
svn blame
Shows author and revision information in-line for the specified files or URLs
svn list
Lists directory entries in the repository
svn log
Displays commit log messages
svn lock
Locks a file
svn unlock
Unlocks a file
svn cleanup
Recursively cleans up the working copy, removing locks resuming unfinished operations
svn help
Gives you access to help documentation
svn resolved
Removes "conflicted" state on working copy files or directories
svn revert
Reverts any local changes to a file or directory and resolves any conflicted states
svn changelist
Divides files in a working copy into a changelist (logical named grouping) in order to allow users to easily work on multiple file collections within a single working copy
svn mergeinfo
Queries merge-related information