Subversion report parameters

You create or edit a Subversion activity report by specifying the types of user activities you want to measure.

These are the parameters that you configure when you create or edit a Subversion report:

Name of the report. It is displayed as a tool tip for the report image in the Metrics report page.
Report type
Trend or point in time.
Chart format
display format for a Point in time chart. These formats are available:
  • Vertical bar - side by side
  • Vertical bar - stacked
Time frame
reporting time span for a Trend report. These options are available:
  • Last 7 days - by day
  • Last 14 days - by day
  • Last 4 weeks - by week
  • Last 3 months - by month
  • Last year - by month
  • Project lifespan - by month

Domain Activity - The types of activity you can report on:

  • Change Subversion activities: activities include commit (add, copy, delete, import, mkdir, move, propdel), propset and propedit
  • Read-only Subversion activities: activities include checkout, update, export, switch, diff, merge, svnsync(source)
  • All Subversion activities - Includes all of the above