Project Tracker report parameters

You create or edit a Project Tracker activity report by configuring the artifacts and attributes it measures.

These are the parameters that you configure when you create or edit a Project Tracker report:

Name of the report. It is displayed as a tool tip for the report image in the Metrics report page.
Report type
Trend or point in time.
Artifact types
List of all available Project Tracker artifact types in the project, from which you can select one or more to report on.
Attributes corresponding to the selected artifact type(s). If you selected multiple artifact types, the common attributes are displayed. These filters are available:
  • State attribute filter
  • Attribute filter
grouping attributes for a Point in time report. A Primary grouping attribute is required. A Sub grouping attribute is optional; if specified, it must be different from the primary grouping attribute.
Chart format
display format for a Point in time chart. These formats are available:
  • Vertical Bar - Side by side
  • Vertical Bar - stacked
Time frame
reporting time span for a Trend report. These options are available:
  • Last 7 days - by day
  • Last 14 days - by day
  • Last 4 weeks - by week
  • Last 3 months - by month
  • Last year - by month
  • Project lifespan - by month