Enabling metrics

To enable users to create and use reports, you must configure your CollabNet site to gather the requisite data and make it available. The capability is enabled by default.

If disabled, to set up metrics support, follow these steps:

  1. On the project's main page, click Edit project ⇒ tool configuration.
  2. Under Data harvesting, select Enable data harvesting.
  3. Use the Subversion reporting data harvesting paths field to specify the parts of your Subversion repository that you want to be available for reporting. Any Subversion path where an activity occurred is data harvested against the longest match. A path of depth=1 is assumed if no matches found.
  4. If you have Host - Administer permission, you can also control when data harvesting is done. In the Data extraction time field, set the time for the system to begin extracting data for reporting.

Tip: You can measure project activity across a project category but not for projects under it. This capability is turned off by default. To enable it, select Enable data harvesting on the Tool configuration page of the category.

Note: This capability is not only enabled by default when the projects get created and also for the old existing projects created before Metrics was installed.