About project metrics

A quick overview of activity in your project, or across multiple projects, can help you spot problems, share accomplishments, and keep things running smoothly. The reports that are now available are based on Project Tracker artifacts and Subversion operations.

You can create two types of reports:

When you click a report image, you can view the details in the Metrics report page. You can also edit the parameters and regenerate the report.


While generating a report you can select one or more of the available artifact types and filter them by specific attributes. For example, you can create a report for the project life span, on all defects of a particular priority, that were targeted for a specific release.

In the case of Subversion reports, you can generate reports and click them and the drill-down capability will list out projects or filenames that go into making the report count (depending on the kind of report generated) to monitor the activity in the site.