What is a Namespace?

A Namespace helps you segregate Project Tracker metadata, thereby avoiding conflicts of names. Every artifact type, artifact attribute, and global query is associated with a Namespace.

A Namespace is an interface to group all globally defined names for Project Tracker metadata such as artifact types, attribute groups, user attributes, and global queries under one domain.

You can create artifact types, attributes or any other Project Tracker metadata with the same title name, and assign each to a different Namespace value. For example, you can create an artifact type, "Defect123" twice, and associate each of them to a different Namespace, for example "Namespace A" and "Namespace B."

By default, there are two non-editable, system defined Namespaces in Project Tracker namely:

If you are a Host or Domain Administrator, or a Project Owner with permissions to create or edit a Project Tracker metadata at the global level, you can associate each Project Tracker metadata with a Namespace value. You cannot create a Namespace at the project level. As a Host or Domain Administrator, you can create a new Namespace value, only when you import a project template archive into the application.

Note: The Project Tracker tool does not provide any web or command-line interface to create a Namespace in the application. You can only view the different values available in the Namespace field.