Moderated discussions

Moderated discussions are discussions where message postings are monitored and controlled. When you post a message to a moderated discussion, it must be screened by a moderator before it can be posted to the discussion.

How moderation works

When you post a message (either by logging into the project or by email), a copy of the message is not immediately emailed to the other participants in the discussion. Instead, the message is archived in an unmoderated state.

Note: If you are the moderator of the discussion, you don't have to moderate your own messages.

The moderators of the discussion receive an email notification that you have posted a message. A moderator may either approve or reject your message.

A moderator may use the web interface to accept or reject messages.

Replying to a message in a moderated discussion:

When you reply to a message from a moderated discussion, you can choose to either reply to the original sender of the message (Author) or to the other recipients or simply reply to the thread or you may choose to post your reply using all the three options.

As with posting a message, the replies undergo the same scrutiny and screening by the moderators of the discussion.

Guest posting or replying to a message on a moderated discussion:

If the project owner has selected Guest Posting at the time of creating the discussion, then the message posted by a guest or a reply from guest undergoes the same process of moderation as with any message in a moderated discussion.

If the discussion is not enabled for guest posting, then the posting is ignored and an error message is received. If the posting is through email it is simply dropped. If the guest user has posting permission for other discussions in the project, although the discussion itself does not support guest posting, the guest receives an email notification that the message posting was declined.