Editing the project template

Host and domain administrators can edit the "template.properties" file of the project template to change the default settings in their project.

Generally, project templates are used to obtain off-the-shelf structure and generic content that you might want to use to create a new project. The finer details of your project can later be customized. Or you could choose to retain the default template content if it meets your project's requirements.

Each template has an associated properties file called template.properties which has information about the template (like name, description, associated artifact types etc). Host and domain administrators can edit the information in the template.properties file through the "template admin" User Interface.

For example, using this page, as a template administrator, you can attach or remove artifact types and global queries to a project template. You can turn a project template on or off using the "Active" checkbox in the template.

Information on some of the additional options: