Creating and editing user groups

A user group is a collection of users who share a special set of privileges for designated projects on this site.

The domain or host administrator can assign roles, and the permissions associated with those roles, to a select group of users in a single operation. Roles can also be removed from user groups in the same manner.

Note: Assigning or removing user group privileges is handled within the context of project groups. More information about this is available in Creating and editing project groups.

For example, suppose your site includes projects which require some users who contribute to projects only for a limited time. You could define a "Contract Project Group" for all those affected projects. Then you could create a "Contractors User Group" and assign modified roles to this group to limit their access and privileges.

You could also define user groups in alignment with your organizational structure, such as by departments or development teams, then tailor the roles and permissions to suit the types of site activities you want to allow these groups of users.

Creating user groups

To create a user group:

  1. Log in to CollabNet as a Domain administrator and click the Administration tab.
  2. Click the User groups link to display the User groups page.
  3. Click the Add new user group link in the top right corner to display the Add a user group screen.
  4. Use the following conventions when assigning names for the user groups:
    • The user group name should be a single string without any spaces or hyphen. Underscores are allowed.
    • The user group name can be in upper case, lower case, mixed case (a-Z) or numbers (0-9). It is not case sensitive.
    • Any other special characters, for example *, %, #, and others are not allowed.
    • The user group name should not be the same as that of a user.
  5. Enter users to be included either by their username, E-mail addresses, or full names in the Initial users field. Multiple users can be entered in the "Initial users" field, one per line or more than one separated by commas. If you need to look up users, click the Users link in the Administration tools. This displays the User list screen. Then use your browser's Back button to return to the Add a user group screen.
  6. Click Create group to add a new User group.

After you have submitted the new user group, the All user groups page displays with the new group added.

Editing user groups

If you need to view, add, or remove members from a user group:

  1. On the Administration home page, click the User groups link to display the User groups page.
  2. Click on the user group name to display the User group edit screen.

This page lists all users who are included in the selected user group. You can conduct the following actions here:

Assigning roles and permissions to user groups

Because user groups are designed to work in conjunction with project groups, you must assign a particular set of roles and permissions to users in a group en masse within the context of creating and editing a project group. See Editing project groups for more details.