Creating and editing project groups

A project group is a set of projects grouped together for administrative purposes. Project groups enable you to perform administrative actions to affect multiple projects and users simultaneously.

As the Domain Administrator, you define the basis upon which project groups are created. You can elect to group projects by technologies, by departments, by clients--or by any other criteria your organization may require. Regardless of how you set up your project groups, any given project on your site may belong to more than one project group.

User membership in project groups can happen in two ways:

  1. When the projects a user belongs to are added to the project group.
  2. When users are associated with user groups you have created and then added to the project group. You can read more about this in Creating and editing user groups.

Project groups can be managed as projects themselves as an administrative feature. Like individual hosted projects, every project group has its own home page, version control repository, tracking component, and web pages for announcements, documents and files.

Creating project groups

To create a project group:

  1. Click the Administration tab and select the Project groups link to display the Project groups page.
  2. Click the Add new project group link to display the Add new project group page.
  3. Complete the following input fields:
    Group name
    Choose a one-word name to identify this new group. Do not use spaces in the name. Example: contractprojects
    Parent group
    You can create nested project groups by specifying another project group as a parent group. For more details on using nested project groups, see Nesting project groups below. Note: this field is not displayed if there are no project groups available as parent groups.
    Use the summary field to include a few qualifying words about the nature of the group. Information in this field is included in the Project groups screen where all project groups are listed. You can include HTML in the summary, as long as it conforms to HTML coding conventions for areas of the application that use an XSS filter. Example: projects using contractors
    Use the description field to include further details about the project group. You can include HTML in the description, as long as it conforms to HTML coding conventions for areas of the application that use an XSS filter. Example: Several projects require outsourcing to handle content development. Any projects using independent contractors must be tracked separately for cost accounting purposes.
    Initial projects
    List the projects you wish to include in this group. Identify projects by their one-word names, one entry per line. These projects become elements of the project group you are creating.
  4. Click the Create group button to submit the new group. The Project groups page displays with the new group included.

Nesting project groups

Project groups can be nested to create subgroups. Nested groups have a parent/child relationship. When you create a Project group, you can specify another Project group as its parent. You can change the parent Project group by editing the child Project group. The parent is shown on the Project home page and other project-related pages. Any children of the project are visible on that project's Project home page.

Note: This same process can be used with individual projects.

Editing project groups

You can modify project group information through the Edit project group screen. Use this page to add users or user groups to a project group, and to assign or modify the roles of those users. To access this page, click on the Edit project group link on the Project group home page.

In the first section of the Edit project group page, you can modify the summary and description fields, then click the Submit changes button to save your changes.

The Group elements section of the page displays those projects that are included in this project group. Elements are the individual projects that make up the project group. Here you can:

  1. Click the project name link to view the Project home page.
  2. Remove a project by placing a checkmark in the Remove from group column and clicking the Remove elements button. This action disassociates the project from the project group, but does not remove or delete the project itself from the site.
  3. Click the Add new project to group link to display the Add projects to group page. This page lists all hosted projects and categories. You can select one or more projects or categories and add them to the project group in one action.

Adding users/user groups to project groups

To add one or more user groups to a project group:

  1. In the Other operations section of the Edit project group screen, click on the Grant user roles in this group link. This displays the Add new member/role screen which lists existing user groups followed by individual users.
  2. Select the users and user groups you want to add to the project group by checking the appropriate boxes.
  3. Highlight the role or roles you wish to grant to the selected users and user groups. The roles you grant here will be effective only within the project group.
  4. Click the Grant roles button. The users and user groups you have designated become members of the project group.

Managing user groups and roles for project groups

The Other operations section of the Edit project group page features links for managing user group roles pertaining to the current project group.

View User Roles in this Group
Click this link to display the Membership screen listing all users and user groups associated with this project group. Remember that project groups function as separate projects themselves, therefore adding user groups equates to make those user groups members of the project named "project group."

If no user groups are affiliated with the project group or if you wish to add additional users or user groups, you can use the Add new member link. The Add project member page is displayed with both user groups and individual users listed.

If the project group contains any users or user groups, the Membership page displays these along with their full names and any roles they hold in the project group. The View issues link applies only when you have assigned issues specifically related to the project group to these users. This is not a link to any project-specific issues.

Grant user roles in this group
Click this link to display the Add new member/role screen. For details on using this screen see Adding users/user groups to project groups above.
Delete Group
Click this link to remove the entire project group completely. This deletes only the project group; it does not delete any user groups associated with the project group.