Approving, deferring, or disapproving projects

About the project approval process

One of the functions of the Domain administrator is to accept or decline new projects proposed by site members. As site members propose new projects, a Proposed projects link will appear on your My start page in the Pending actions section. The number of projects awaiting action will appear beside the Proposed projects link.

From your My start page click the Proposed projects link in the Pending actions section to display the Approve project page. Each project awaiting action is listed along with the proposer's username, the project summary and the actions that can be taken on the project. The project name links to the project's home page. The proposer's name links to the users profile page.

The radio buttons allow you to choose one action, Approve, Defer or Disapprove. Use the radio buttons to select the appropriate action for the projects listed. By default, each project is deferred until you either Approve or Disapprove it. When the deferred state is changed to either approve or disapprove, the project owner is sent an email alerting him/her to the change in status. If you choose to disapprove a project, use the Reason for project disapproval field to explain your rational. Any action taken is logged in the audit logs. See Using administrative audit logs for further information.

The criteria for approving or disapproving proposed projects falls within your judgment as the Domain administrator. Factors to consider might include:

When you approve a project, an email message is automatically generated notifying the Project owner. Once approved the project appears on the Projects page (if public) where site users can access it and begin participating. The Project owner can now approve and grant roles to project members.

Deferring or disapproving projects

Before you approve or disapprove a project, the project remains in a deferred state. While the project is not visible in any public project listings, the Project owner can continue to conduct most project related activities including:

None of this project information on pending projects is visible to other site users, however. And until you approve a pending project, the Project owner cannot approve or grant roles to project members.

When you disapprove a project, an email message is automatically generated to notify the proposer. You can use the Reason for project disapproval field to explain your reasons for taking this action. This message is brief; the proposer is encouraged to contact you for further discussion about the specific reasons for disapproval.

Locking, unlocking, and deleting projects

Locking a project stops all activity until the lock is released. You may choose to lock a project for site policy matters, technical issues, or other reasons. The locked project's home page and other pages can still be accessed and all existing project data is intact, however the Project owner and members have read-only access to the version control repository, email archives, tracker database, project files, and documents. No project members, including the project owner, can commit source code, add items to the tracking component, upload or download files and documents, change web content, or subscribe to or modify discussions. If the locked project is a public project, other site users can still view the project's home page but the project is flagged as "locked."

To lock a currently active project:

  1. Log into CollabNet as a domain administrator.
  2. Navigate to the project's home page and click on the Edit this project link.
  3. Click the Project lock link in the Other operations section to access the Lock/unlock project screen. Once you click the Lock project button the project is locked and an email notice to the project owner is generated, requesting him/her to contact a site administrator immediately.

To unlock a project, navigate to the project's home page and click the Unlock link. After you have verified the action, the project is once again enabled.

Projects may also be deleted from this site at the discretion of the Domain administrator. The Edit project page includes a Delete project link in the Other operations section. To delete a project, click the Delete project link and confirm the action. Use the project delete feature with caution! Deleting the project not only removes it from site project listings, but also completely erases the project's version control files, all project files and documents, tracking component database, and discussions.