Domain administration overview

Concepts in web-based administration

As the Domain administrator, you are the gatekeeper of the site, and you effectively "own" all the projects hosted here.

You also own two special projects that are included in the "My projects" section of your My start page: the "www" and "look" projects. These contain this site's domain-level content pages and data files. They are only accessible to users with domain-level administrative permissions, i.e. domain administrators such as you.

Site administration is restricted to users with the appropriate permissions. You, as the Domain adminstrator have access to the restricted administration pages. Each hosted tool has project specific adminstration components, available to the Project owner within each project permissions.

Administrative actions are taken on the following set of artifacts:

The environment and integrated tool set on this site is modeled on the suggest-and-approve workflow common to open source software development methodology. Although this site features pre-packaged resources, user roles, project settings, and tool configurations for your convenience, you can alter these settings to address particular community, project, or organizational needs.