Administering Licenses

Help for domain administration

Overview of licenses

Licensing a project is an important component of controlling how your project output is used. It is critical to consider all the components in any license you choose to associate with your project. When considering your project license you can choose from a list of popular, preconfigured licenses or create your own.

Licenses are orignially associated during the project creation process (see Create a New Project), but can be altered by users with the proper permissions. Users with the "Project - Edit" permission can change the license associated with the project in which they have the proper permission. By default to the Project owner and all Administrator roles have this permission. New licenses can be created, edited or deleted by users with the "Licenses - Administer" permission. By default the domain and host admin roles have this permission.

Viewing licenses

You can access the Licenses page by clicking the Licenses link on the Administration navigation bar. From the Licenses page you can view all currently available licenses, and add, edit and delete licenses.

If you need to view the text of a specific license, you can click on the name of the license. The License detail page will appear with the text of the license. To return, click your browsers back button.

Creating a new license

Clicking on the Add new license link will present you with two fields to describe your new license. On this page, you will need to give your license a name. The name can be up to 64 characters in length. You must also provide information in the description field. This text can have one of the following characteristics:

After you have completed your description, click on the Create license button.

Editing a license

From the list of licenses, clicking on the Edit link in line with the name of a license will give you access to editing the name and the description of the license. The name of the license cannot exceed 64 characters in length. The Description field has no limits in character length, but you should use this field to provide one of the following characteristics:

After you have completed your description, click on the Submit changes button.

Deleting a license

You can delete licenses that are no longer required in your domain. Any license that is associated with one or more projects cannot be deleted. On the page listing the licenses are all the licenses currently available in the domain; any license that is currently not associated with any project will have a Delete link next to the name. Those without the Delete link have at least one associated project.

To delete a license find the name of the license and click on the Delete link next to the name. You must approve the deletion on the next page by clicking on the Confirm delete button. If you do not want to delete the license, use your browser's back button to return to the previous page. Once a license has been deleted you will no longer see it in your list of available licenses.