Using domain administration tools

About the administrative audit log

All site-level administrative actions are logged and you can view this information using the Audit logs link on the left navigation of the Administration section. The Audit log keeps a cumulative record of key administrative events in your domain. Optionally you can append notes to log entries preserve more detailed historical information.

The Audit log displays 50 entries per page identified by date/time, person, and location, with the most recent entries first. The log may be filtered on any string in the What column to extrapolate specific site information. For example, if you are not the only domain administrator on your site, the log can provide a useful reference of the administrative actions conducted by each person. Also, log actions for specific projects yield detailed histories of the project beginning from its inception.

The following project-level actions are noted in the audit log:

The following domain-level actions are noted in the audit log:

Monitoring user sessions

You can also view current site activity at any given time by clicking the Sessions link in the left navigation of the Administration section. This provides a snapshot view of who is currently logged in to your site. Although this information is not logged or stored long term, periodically viewing active sessions may provide some insight into who is using your site.

If you require more formal user statistical information, you must contact this site's host administrator.