Moderating message posting

Discussions offers some filtering of messages that are posted to a discussion.

Messages from subscribers are posted automatically to an unmoderated discussion. In the case of Moderated-Trusted discussion, messages from a subscriber are first sent to a moderator for approval. If the moderator approves the message, it is added to the list topic. Otherwise, the message is discarded.

If the discussion is a moderated discussion or if the discussion is a trusted discussion and if you do not have the Discussions-Discussion Trusted permission, then.

  1. The system creates a new "message"and sets the status flag of the message as W (waiting for approval)
  2. The system sends an email notification to the moderators of the discussion for approval of the message posting.
  3. A moderator approves or disapproves and discards the message, either using the web interface or by responding to the email moderation notification.
  4. If the moderator approves of the message, then its status flag is set to A (approved) and it will be posted normally. If the moderator does not approve of the message, it is dropped and no further action ensues.

If the message is posted:

  1. If there are any attachments, the system stores them in the file system.
  2. The system sends a notification to the subscribers of the discussion. It applies the notification service rules to send message notifications to the TO and CC list.
If the message is not approved then the message is discarded. If posted through the web interface, you will receive an error message. If posted via email, any response would violate the security of the discussion by disclosing its existence to an unauthorized party.