Administering a discussion

You can modify a discussion from the Discussions: Edit Discussion page.

Note: You must have Discussions - Discussion Edit permission in this project.

To edit the discussion, follow these steps:

  1. On the the Project home page, click Discussions in the left navigation pane.
  2. Select a discussion under the Discussions list page.
  3. Click Edit discussion.
  4. On the Discussions: Edit Discussion page, make the changes you need. Use these tabs:
    • Information - To edit details about a particular discussion.
      • In this tab you can set the reply-to behavior choosing the default behavior of email messages with respect to the person or persons the reply message will reach.
      • You can set the MIME types that you want to allow as attachments and choose to discard the email message or the attachment that carries the MIME type that you don't allow.
      • You can choose to add or remove headers by specifying the particular information you want added or dropped from the header. For example, if you add <#d#> in the Add header field, the URL of that discussion will be added to the header of all messages in that discussion.
      • You can enter regular expressions in the Reject Header or Reject Content fields to have messages that contain certain words or expressions in headers or message content that match the regular expression, added or rejected. The messages that have words or expressions in headers that match the regular expressions you have entered can be made to reject the message in moderated discussions. For example, you could use the regular expression .*[hc]at.* to detect and reject spam messages that contain the word "cat" or "hat." ("." represents any single character)

      Click the Save Changes button to update changes.

    • Moderators - To add or remove moderators. Click Add to include a user name or Remove Selected to delete the user name.(available for moderated discussions)
    • Subscribers - To add or remove subscribers. You can also select the type of notifications, for example Message-by-message, Digest Mode, Start Page Only. Click Add to add a subscriber. You can remove subscribers by clicking the Remove Subscribers link. If you have updated the notification of a message, click Save Changes.
    • Deleted Messages - To restore or permanently delete the selected message. You can also delete a discussion by clicking the Delete Discussion link.

The system sends a notification email to the discussion members or project members about the modification that have been made to the discussion.