Defining Global Queries

A global query is a query that is defined at the global level and made available for use in projects.

A global query is defined for use with one or more global artifact types.

When you define a query using a single global artifact type it can be selected as available to be used in all projects that use that particular artifact type, in which case it shows up in the project as a saved global query.

When you define a query using more than one global artifact type:

In both cases a global query is available for addition to an existing project.

If you have the Domain Issue Tracking - Configure permission, then you can define a global query. If you have the or the Project Issue Tracking -Query permission, you can add the global query to your project.

As an example, when you define a global query, you may choose to include the artifact type Defect. The projects may use this particular artifact type or a set of artifact types that include Defect. All projects that use the "Defect" artifact type have commonly defined queries to show the "Defects discovered in the past 30 days" or “Defects assigned to a particular assignee.”

These types of domain-defined queries that are generic in nature help task-management within the project.

Querying for artifacts that contain personal information

You can query for artifacts using special user values in global queries and in project queries. The query can be fashioned to look for artifacts assigned to a particular member of a team. For example, if you are a project owner, you can define a query that can return different results depending on the team member who executes that particular query. The query results will depend on the team member who executes that particular query. For example, a project owner can create a project scoped query that searches for artifacts of priority P1 that have been assigned to a team member "Smith." When the team member "Smith" executes that particular query, the results of the query will display all artifacts of priority P1 assigned to "Smith."

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