Auto-Adding a Global Query to a project

When you create a new project and the project contains a global artifact type, you will see the global queries associated with that artifact type inherited into your project. If your project has a particular global artifact type, then all the global queries that include only this artifact type will be automatically inherited by your project at the time of creation.

To ensure that this happens:

When you create your project with all the default global artifact types that you have selected, the global queries are added to the project as saved queries, available to all members of the project that have the permission to run queries.

You can manually add a global query that includes default artifact types that do not belong to your project. You can then edit the saved query to suit the project.

Note: A global query is inherited into a project only when it has been created using a single artifact type. If the global query includes more than one artifact type then the query is not inherited automatically by the project. You will need to manually include it to the project using the link "Add Global Query Templates."

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