Adding a Global Query to a project

You can add a global query that has been defined at the domain level to your project.

To add a global query to your project:

  1. Navigate to your project.
  2. Click the link Query Artifacts in the project homepage.
  3. Click the link Add Global Query Templates. The global queries that include one or more of the artifact types that are used in the project are listed.
  4. Select one or more of the global queries and click Add Selected. Now the global query is available in your project as a project query.
  5. Now this project query is listed in the Saved Query List page.

Note: Once you have added a global query to your project, the same query can be added again as long as you change the name of the query.

Querying artifacts for personal information

  1. Log in to CollabNet and create a global query.
  2. Create a project in CollabNet with Project Tracker as the tracking component.
  3. Click Project Tracker > Query Artifacts from the project's left navigation pane.
  4. Click Add Global Query Templates. You will see the global query that has been created.
  5. Check the box under Select and click Add Selected.
  6. To edit the query click the Edit link on the Project Tracker: Saved Queries page.
  7. Scroll down the page and under Personal Associations, click Edit List.
  8. You will see a page which shows a value "<current user>" under the Special Values tab, where " <current user> " is the person executing the query.
  9. Check the box under Select.
  10. You can associate the current user by selecting any one of the five options:
    • Any
    • Created By
    • Assigned To
    • CC
    • QA Contact
  11. Click Add Selected after you have made your choice.
  12. Click done to complete the process.
  13. Save the query.
  14. Executing the same project level query as different user will give you the corresponding results.